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210 2nd Street SE (PO Box 239)
Childress Texas 79201

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The Childress Church of Christ in Childress, Texas is more than a congregation –
we’re a family … one big, happy, worshiping, serving, enthusiastic, welcoming and friendly family.

Currently, on Sunday mornings we have about 350 in our worship assembly, and there’s always room for you. When you come to worship with us, you will discover people who greet you with warmth and sincerity; people who are genuinely glad that you’re here; people who mean it when they say, “I hope you will come back again real soon.” You will find Bible classes where you can “fit in,” build relationships with other people just like you, and study the Word of God.

The worship assemblies are times of praise and prayer, sharing in the Lord’s Supper and giving, along with strong Biblical preaching and practical application to fill our hearts and minds with exactly what we need in order to go back into the world and shine brightly for Jesus Christ. We’re also an active church family, and you will find we are always busy serving the Lord and others in our community at the Childress Church of Christ.

Service Times

Bible Class – 9:30 AM
Worship Assembly – 10:30 AM
Bible Study – 7:00 PM

A Little More About Us

YOUTH: We have a large active youth program. The goal of our youth ministry is to help teens grow physically, emotionally, and most of all, spiritually, as we strive to be more like Jesus in everything we do. We aim to provide a safe and energetic environment in our classes and events. Drew & Kelsea Jordan do a great job working with our youth.

Youth ministry is about having fun, but it is also about growing with the Father.
Here are some of the things we do:

  • In the Spring we have a program called Leadership Training for Christ, a youth group retreat, and a weekly Bible study on Thursday nights.
  • During the summer months we attend Pine Springs Summer Camp in New Mexico and Encounter Summer Camp in Lubbock, along with a summer mission trip and many other unifying activities for teens (disc golf at the park, Sonic after church, etc.) when school is not in session.
  • In the Fall & Winter we have a retreat, devotionals, game nights, and many other activities to foster Christ-centered relationships.
  • We offer Sunday morning classes at 9:30 and Wednesday night class at 7:00. Both classes are in the Youth Center.
  • This is but a brief overview of our ministry. Feel free to text, call, email, or stop by to hear about how you can get involved with us!

CHILDREN’S MINISTRY: We love our children’s ministry. We are blessed to have Lea Morgan serving as our Children’s Minister. Our kids have lots of fun classes, activities, camps, summer programs, & VBS. The Childress church is a great place for your kids to grow in Christ.


LEADERSHIP: Our church leadership includes 7 elders and 22 deacons.

Craig Darter
Eric Green
Dee Green
Mike Henderson
Brian Pierce
Taylor Johnson
Randall Ryan


MEET OUR MINISTER: Trey has been serving as the minister for the church in Childress for the past 19 years. He and his wife Lea have four boys. If you worship with us on Sunday, you’ll find Trey’s sermons to be uplifting, challenging and practical. Trey & Lea both grew up in Amarillo, Texas. You can contact Trey at TreyMorgan@msn.com

Drew & Kelsea Jordan have been serving as our youth ministry team for the past 5 years. They are such a blessing to our church and our youth. Drew grew up in Burleson, Texas, while Kelsea is a Happy, Texas girl. You can contact Drew at adenman0638@gmail.com and Kelsea at thekelseadenman@gmail.com

MEET OUR WORSHIP MINISTER: Josh Birney has been a part of the Childress congregation for the past 11 years. His love for worship, singing and leading us in song is evident on Sundays. Josh is married to Julia and has two children. He calls Mt. Dora, Florida his home. You can contact Josh at Joshbtoad@gmail.com

MEET OUR CHILDREN’S MINISTER: Lea Morgan grew up in Amarillo, Texas. She has been involved children’s ministry over 30 years. She and her husband Trey have been in Childress for the past 19 years. You can contact Lea at LeaMorgan@myyahoo.com

Community Service

We love our community and love to serve in our community. We participate in a program called WATS (We Are The Sermon), where we go out in the community and serve on Sunday nights. We also participate in a community Christmas giveaway, a grocery giveaway, a radio program, food ministries. We also work with the Augment Project (like Habitat for Humanity) where we fix up old houses and give to those in need.


We love missions. We love to support missions and do missions. We currently help with mission works in Mexico City, Honduras, La Serena Chili, Nottingham England, Homestead Florida, Guelph Ontario, and Hope School in Africa. Many of our members participate in short-term mission trips every year.


Our goal is to get to heaven … and take as many people with us as possible. If you’re looking for a church home, we’d love you to come check us out and consider becoming a part of our family.


We’d love for you to join us for services, but you might be concerned about some things that are actually NOT TRUE. So here are 10 myths you might have heard about going to church that are NOT TRUE…

1. You must dress up in nice clothes. NOT TRUE … you can wear whatever you want. Our only rule is “You must wear SOME clothes … they are not optional.” 🙂

2. The ceiling might collapse if you attend church. Okay, I’ll admit that there may be a few small cracks in the walls because our building is old, but I can guarantee you that the roof won’t collapse. I feel so sure about this that I’ll make this guarantee, IF THE ROOF DOES FALL IN, you have my permission to never come again.

3. You can only go to church when your life is straightened up. NOT TRUE again. Attending church isn’t for those with their life in order, but those simply trying to make order of their life.

4. Church is for perfect people. Nope, not true. We are so far from perfect.

5. There’s a chance someone might call attention to you as a visitor by making you stand up, or embarrass you, dance the Zumba etc. Not going to happen here, we promise.

6. The church is full of hypocrites. You bet. We call ourselves sinners. Much like a hospital has sick patients, churches have imperfect spiritually sick people.

7. You will try and get me to join your church. Untrue again … although I will tell you about Jesus.

8. You might do something wrong. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN unless you bring a giant snake or a Mississippi squirrel with you … or something crazy like that.

9. You’re just going to beat me up and make me feel guilty. That’s actually not our goal. Our goal is to encourage you, let you know that Jesus loves you and remind you that His way is the best way, SO if for some reason you feel guilty, that’s your fault; not ours.

10. “I’m not a member of your church.” It doesn’t matter what you consider yourself, you’re very welcome to come.

Hope this clears some things up… SO, If you’ve ever considered going to church, but haven’t had the courage, how about this Sunday morning at 10:30. We’d love to have you join us. 210 2nd St SE Childress, Texas. We’ll even save you a seat.